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Drip420 is a locally produced cleaner for your glass pieces, which doesn’t make use of harsh chemicals like ammonia, bleach or acid. It’s sold in 1 litre bottles, which should be enough to clean several of your pieces, or to last several months if you’re cleaning a single piece. We were given a sample to test out on our glass and review, and went into the whole thing a little skeptical, especially with how dirty our bong was before cleaning.

bong drip420

The packaging of the product wasn’t bad, it comes in a standard 1 litre plastic bottle with screw on lid and label. When opening the bottle, we found that the cap seal came off with the cap, which required us to just manually snap off, however this seemed like a minor inconvenience more than anything else. The smell of the solution wasn’t harsh at all, and smelled a lot like Windolene, but with additional elements included.

The instructions indicate that for mild to moderately dirty glass, one should soak in the solution for 45 minutes, followed by a thorough rinsing of hot water. For dirtier pieces, it is recommended that they soak overnight, followed by the same rinsing method.

dab rig drip 420

We took an oil rig, a bong and several other small glass pieces to test. For the bong, we let it soak overnight as it was extremely dirty, while we only used 45 minutes of soaking for both the oil rig and the smaller glass pieces.

The Results

To be honest, we were pleasantly surprised by the results we saw. The bong was the first to be tested, and also the one we thought would cause the most problems. However, after running the warm water rinse through the bong, the condensed masses of grit easily fell off the glass, rendering the bong as good as new and the best it has looked since purchase. The results were the same for the smaller glass pieces and the oil rig. The oil rig was the only one to show a remnant of wax (the size of a pea), as it sat in the percolator, otherwise it succeeded great on the oil rig too.

drip420 solution cleaned glass

For some of the smaller glass pieces, we did just run a pipe cleaner through them during the rinse, as the cleaner had loosened the dirt in harder to reach places, but still needed a bit more friction to remove than just the water.

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