THC Oil (Afghan x OG Kush)


Supplied by: Travis Mocke

In case you missed it, we recently reviewed 0.5 ml or CBD Oil (produced using the strain CBD Yummy) from Travis Mocke.  Alongside the CBD oil we were provided, we were also given some purely beast THC oil too. This extract, which also came with associated lab work clocked in at an impressive 74-84% THC, making it one of the strongest confirmed extracts available in the country. There are claims of higher values made, but I am yet to smoke any that come with any lab work to back up their claim. While the CBD oil was made from the high CBD strain “CBD Yummy”, the THC oil was extracted from a cross of Afghan and OG Kush.

It is worth noting that this oil is fully activated through post-extraction decarboxylation, meaning whether you’re looking for something to dab or administer orally, it will do the trick.


The THC oil looks identical to the quality of the CBD oil tested a few days prior, with golden amber color and gooey texture, and as mentioned in the CBD review — this visual appearance separates this oil from the dark BHO extracts that one may be used to seeing from small suppliers.

Aroma & Taste

Once taken to your senses, you’ll experience a sweet yet also almost sour smell from the oil, definitely a few interesting notes in the scent that aren’t experienced typically in the strains used, perhaps only the sweet scent of the Afghan Kush. It doesn’t quite match the aroma of the CBD Yummy used in the CBD oil, but is certainly still pleasant. The taste is similar to the smell, and very sweet in nature.

After The Hit

This THC oil, despite having such a potent strength, is extremely smooth to smoke. But don’t let that make you think that it can’t creep up on you. With a large hit, it can certainly take your breath away for a bit. By the time you catch your breath again, you’ll find yourself feeling the buzz as the productive, energetic high kicks into gear. We find that with this oil, our high leaves us relaxed and yet functional and focused.

The biggest highlight for consumers though is that at only R550 a ml, this is an extremely affordable concentrate, offering a high quality product at an excellent price point.


R550 per 1ml





Value for Money




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