Orange Bud (Travis Mocke)

Supplied by: Travis Mocke

Orange Bud is a Dutch Passion strain which brings with it extremely stable genetics. Having been initially bred in the early 1980s, this 100% Skunk strain that offers moderate THC levels of near 17%, while offering a unique sweet orange and citrus scent. This dried & cured outdoor bud was then extracted in sub-zero conditions, and then cold purged. This method is similar to fresh frozen extraction, except instead of the bud being fresh, it was dried and cured before the sub-zero extraction process.


Once again, this bud came in its own Delta9 semi-translucent silicon container. Inside, the concentrate appeared rich in colour and smooth as silk. The colouration was golden orange and there was no sign of any bubbles anywhere in the concentrate.

Aroma & Taste

The concentrate itself had a hint of sweet orange, though seemed to fall middle of the ball-park in terms of aromatic strength. The smell that was there however, was unique and true to the strain name. We dabbed this on a titanium nail, initially as a mid-temp dab, but found that the flavours were lost quite easily. We then followed up with a much lower temp dab and found that the orange flavours carried through much stronger. Would definitely recommend this extract as a low temp to retain the flavours, which brings this concentrate to life. There wasn’t much of an aftertaste with it, with the primary orange flavour and a bit of a butane remnant.


A very different high to the Chem Toffees cross we recently reviewed, the high comes on within a few minutes and rises rapidly. The feeling is a focused and productive high that leaves one feeling very much in control. If you’re looking for an early morning or mid-afternoon pick-me-up, this strain offers a great option. The high is very long lasting and can keep you buzzing for a couple hours. In fact, this whole review was written after a hit.


Orange Bud










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