Harvest Festival (Travis Mocke)

Supplied by: Travis Mocke

This particular concentrate was created using a combination of summer outdoor harvest trim. Strains include, Facemelt OG, Chem Toffees, Honey Bananas and Guide Dawg. The process was a cold extraction which was then heat purged at 35’C for 10 minutes. This was done to give a shatter appearance, while still maintaining the durability that allows for easier handling during use.


This extraction came in with a darker appearance than the Orange Bud concentrate we reviewed, we had anticipated this given the fact that it was purely a trim extraction as well an outdoor harvest. The consistency was that of toffee, and was easily worked with on the tool. The concentrate was a solid consistency, without any noticeable bubbles in the mix.

The packaging, as always was on point and the silicon containers that house the concentrates are some of the best we’ve worked with. Many silicon concentrate containers can be a nightmare to open and seal, but these were truly a breeze.

Taste & Aroma

The aroma of the concentrate prior to dabbing, was mild with not much of a scent, however once exhaled the smells come across as a unique array of sweet and fruity scents.

The smoke we found required a very low temp in order to really bring out the flavours and hotter hits were less appealing. When smoked on low heat, the flavour profile was definitely primarily sweet with lots of terpene profiles coming through, though a little chaotic to isolate well, which can be expected running so many strains together. None the less, it proved a pleasant tasting smoke at the right temp. There was no real noticeable solvent tastes.


We found the high to be leaning more on the sativa side, with an immediate sensation behind the eyes which brought with it increased concentration and energy. The energy leveled tapered off after a while, but a sense of general upliftment and focus remained throughout most of the high. We found this a good option when having to head out of the house and get things done. The only noticeable side effects were an increase in appetite that left us reaching for the snacks.

Harvest Festival








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