Chem Toffee x Crumble (Amber Cup Winner)


Supplied by: Travis Mocke

We were extremely lucky in that we received a sample of the extract that won Travis Mocke the Amber Cup recently. The extract is a crumble wax, unlike the shatter that is most readily available in the South African market. This award winning extract was created using an outdoor winter grow of Chem Toffees crossed with an unknown strain, creating an F1 cross which is yet to become a stable genetic. Chem Toffees is a Holy Smokes bred strain that crosses Acapulco Gold with Ox. An eclectic mix of strains which brings with it high resin production and high yield.

Travis used a fresh frozen live resin extraction method, and followed up the initial extraction with a lengthy two week cold purge.


This crumble appeared to be of extremely high quality with a very stable presentation that wasn’t affected by hot temperatures. The colouration is bright yellow and felt as though it was well dried, meaning that the crumble was well purged of butane. When evaluating crumble, the colouration is telling in some ways, but variable too. Dark coloured crumble is typically not what you want to see, and while very light crumble can be a sign of high quality, it can also relate to an early harvest. This bright yellow colouration hit all the right marks.

Taste & Aroma

In the container, one is able to pickup on scents relating to the Chem Toffees x, though they were a little more muted than some of the previous extracts that Travis has sent us. With that said, he did let us know beforehand that it may have lost a bit of the monoterpenes.

Once dabbed, the taste was similar to the smell. Enough to give a taste of some of the terpenes present, but seemed to be strongest in its aftertaste, in a very pleasant way. The overall flavour is a sweet one, though proved hard to pin down.


The high is where this crumble really shines and outdoes the competition. While the cross remains unknown, the heavy indica profile of the Chem Toffees is noticeable immediately after taking a hit. This smoke will pull your eyelids to your feet as it hits hard and fast with an unparalleled body high that left us glued to the couch and in a state of bodily euphoria. It was extremely relaxing, perhaps even sedating, while leaving your mind wandering deep. For chronic pain, this could be a true miracle worker.

Chem Toffee x Crumble










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