CBD Oil – (CBD Yummy)


Supplied by: Travis Mocke

We’ve recently had the pleasure of reviewing some excellent cannabis products from Travis Mocke, who produces an array of products that have something to offer both patients using the plant medicinally and those looking for their fix of THC for recreational use. There are only a few local dispensaries which are offering laboratory tested products, and they are one of them. The products we received came with full lab results, showing both the cannabinoids and offering insight into any remnant solvants from extraction.

The CBD oil is made from whole plant extracts, using a high CBD strain of cannabis (CBD Yummy). It is then extracted using a butane extraction methods which includes vacuum purging. This vacuum purging is done for an extended period of time, ensuring that the product has as little remnant butane as possible. When dabbing a BHO product, it is easy to taste when the product hasn’t been properly purged, as gas remnants come with both undesirable flavours and effects.

Visually, this oil was beautiful with amber colours illuminating the syringe. Once on our dab tool, we got to experience the aromas, and it smelled wonderful too, without the harsh interuption of chemical fragrances once finds with badly processed BHO.

We tested this oil through a dab rig using a titanium nail. With our nail at a good temperature, we touched the amber glob to the nail and took our first hits. It hit us right back. A good strong dab will almost always take once breath away for a bit, and this certainly did just that, but not without providing us with some compensation in the form of a delicious flavour, and later what would be a pretty strong high.

Despite being of high CBD value, this is a full plant extract, meaning we felt both the physical effects of the CBD while also getting pretty high in the process. The high was a productive one, as mostly the case with extracts and I found myself able to continue with my office work as normal, despite having just dosed a large hit. To be honest, we had initially thought we had used the THC syringe, instead of the CBD by mistake.

The prices of these products are competitive and can be found out on enquiry with the supplier. The delivery was overnight, despite being located on the other side of the country. If you’re looking for full plant extracts and aren’t looking to avoid THC, you’ll love these products. The only con I can think of, is if you’re looking for something that is purely CBD without any THC high associated with it. The addition of the lab test results was massive for me, having purchased extracts several times before, and the variance in potency between samples has been dramatic, even if both are sold as “indoor extracts”. Having the exact details of strength also helps for correct dosing.


R700 per 1ml





Value for Money




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