blue cheese hash

Blue Cheese Hash

Supplied by: Cape Town Farms

Despite having experience in most forms of extract, Hash was one form that I didn’t have experience in. Bubble Hash is created by sifting flower (often trim) through ice, thus removing the trichomes from the plant and concentrating them together in the form of a wet kief. This collection of kief is then compressed into what is then referred to as hash. Though this is just one of several methods for creating hash.

The hash we received was black in colouration (something that varies between products) and was created using Blue Cheese, and was thus an Indica dominant smoke. The sample was definitely provided too wet, though through communication with the supplier, they’ve let me know that since the review sample was received, that the hash was then dried further and that the initial moisture issue was known to them.

In terms of grading, this hash would likely fall between Cooking Grade and Half-Melt, as we were able to top our bowls with it, however wouldn’t smoke well off a heated nail. Further support for this grading was the visible plant matter retained in the hash, something that isn’t found in full-melt hash products.

With all that out the way, our experience in smoking it wasn’t necessarily a bad one. The sample carried a sweet scent which carried over into the taste. While the moisture content meant that it had trouble burning as well as it should, we were still able to extract a fair amount of smoke from it and seemed to burn a bit better than we had thought it would.

The high experienced from the hash felt far more functional than a typical Blue Cheese flower smoke. In order not to conflict with the high too much, we topped a Blue Cheese bowl of flower with some of the Blue Cheese hash, and what we found was mostly an amplification of effects, but also a more productive and clear headed experience than our typical Blue Cheese flower high.

Given my limited experience with hash, I don’t feel comfortable providing specific scores, but instead simply provide you with our experience noted above.

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