berry bomb wax

Berry Bomb Wax

Supplied by: Cape Town Farms

This Berry Bomb concentrate seemed to fall into the category of a budder extract, with a moist textured appearance. The colouration was appealing, with a primarily gold appearance, with a hint of a brown tint. It wasn’t as light as a top-shelf budder extract, however it was also far from the dark and unappealing appearance that many low quality extracts hold. It wasn’t clear to us whether this product was the result of auto-buddering or an intentional budder run, but the results are the same — a textured concentrate which is easy to handle.

The extraction was done via BHO, but seemed to be sufficiently purged as the butane smell and taste didn’t completely over-ride the terpenes. On the nose, this wax carried sweet blueberry notes even before vaporization. We dabbed this wax at a few different temperatures, and found that a low to low-medium heat resulted in the best experience. The taste arrives slowly after the hit, with initial sweet berry flavours and then a later moderate solvent taste.

Berry Bomb is a hybrid strain that crosses Blueberry with Bomb #1. It brings with it the dominant relaxation that is prevalent in Blueberry, while also not being too heavy to knock you out. Our experience with the high was that while it does provide relaxation to the body, it was a fairly balanced high and still brought a lot of focus to the experience. It wasn’t too hard hitting of a dab, but enough to provide you with relief from stress and put you in a better mood.

Overall, for the price point it was a good option. If one is looking for something more pure, you will need to pay a lot more for it. So I’d say this stands as a good middle-ground option between balancing budget and quality.


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