Supplied by: 420Monkeys
Sativa/Indica: Indica dominant hybrid
Grow: Indoors

Coffee Super Cheese is…. Well we actually have no idea. There isn’t any information for this strain online and it wasn’t clear whether this was a phenotype of Super Cheese or whether it was a new breed. We reached out to the guys at 420monkeys who were able to tell us that it’s a new strain out of South America, but that they weren’t entirely sure either on just how this strain gets its heavy coffee aroma.



Visually, the bud appeared rich in trichomes and came in two dense nugs, similar to the structure found with traditional Super Cheese. This strain however, was showing extremely prominent amber colouration to the trichomes, and was harvested very late. In fact, closer looks revealed about an 80-90% amber trichome coverage. We knew what was in store for us after seeing this, with the THC converting to CBN, one can expected a much more sedative experience. This large amount of amber trichomes resulted in the bud colouration not appearing as desirable.

Taste & Aroma

Out the bat, this strain is a straight up killer with the scent. Extremely strong coffee notes, like that of an expresso come on as the primary notes with some of the initial Super Cheese notes lingering in the mix. These prominent coffee notes carried through into smoke as the inhale brings with it the same intense cream coffee inhale, which is then followed by a sweet cheese on the exhale. One of the most unique and enjoyable smokes we’ve had.



As expected, given the trichome colouration and the natural chemos of Super Cheese, this bud placed some weights on our arms and legs and found us having to create 3 stage motion sequences just to be able to get up off the bed. The high itself was surprisingly cerebral, but was proving to also produce excellent relaxation of both the mind and body. Not something I’d suggest for a day time smoke, but for anyone looking for pain relief or to resolve sleep problems, it should do the job well. Even though the late harvest doesn’t affect the strain too much with Super Cheese typically being bought for its indica effects, it was definitely far more amber than considered conventionally desirable.

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