cocoa fudge

Cocoa Fudge (40mg)

Supplied by: CannaPop

The second item we tried from CannaPop was a cocoa fudge with honey and dark chocolate. Visually, this product looked extremely appetizing with a heavy chocolate base topped with sprinkles and what seemed like marshmallow fluff, the interior of the fudge contained macadamia nuts too.

The texture was the first thing that stood out on the initial bite, a smooth experience like that of Ganache. With each chewing motion, the soft, decadent chocolate provided an almost spiritual sensation. It could easily be mistaken for an extremely dense and creamy brownie. The additional dark chocolate adds a perfect stabilizer to the otherwise sweet and rich cocoa with the addition of macadamia nuts in the product also assisted in adding to the experience by providing some savory flavours. It was particularly enjoyable as the nuts also helped masking the infusion taste, lingering in the mouth longer than the chocolate. The experience on the mouth was the best I’ve encountered in an infused edible, like a hot knife cutting through butter.

It’s going to be tough to hold back on your portion, so this may be best left for when you’re able to get properly stoned.


The fudge is quite high in THC content, so low tolerance users may want to start out with a quarter and work their way up. For the more veteran stoners, this product will still get you high. The high itself was primarily focused in the first hour or two, when it starts to balance out a bit. Between this period and the forthcoming body high, we were also hit with a bit of the munchies.

Overall, a product I’d highly recommend for those who enjoy a tasty chocolate treat (and getting baked). If I had to give any criticism, it would be that adding a nut allergy warning onto the nut related products may be useful to some.

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