Supplied by: 420Monkeys
Sativa / Indica: Balanced Hybrid

Chronic is reported to have initially been coined by Snoop Dogg when he mistakenly heard someone refer to hydroponics as ‘hydrochronic’, which he then shortened to chronic and began using as a way to describe top-shelf bud. This was said to have happened as early as 1991, while the strain itself didn’t come about until Serious Seeds crossed Northern Lights, Skunk#1 and AK-47 in 1994 to create this iconic strain. Chronic is a well balanced hybrid, with 50% indica and 50% sativa genetics.


The looks of the bud were pretty good for an affordable R60/g, fairly vibrant green colour for most of the bud, though there were signs of fairly prominent yellowing on a few of the trimmed leaves, making it tough to grade very high. The bud was impressively dense, and ground up easily. Trichome development wasn’t exceptional, but on par with a good quality greenhouse grow. Points were deducted slightly in the stress category, as the plant showed slight signs of stress with two seeds contained inside.


Taste & Aroma

Definitely falling behind the Sour Jack we reviewed recently, this strain came with only a very mild scent before grinding, with only slightly sweet tones. Chronic is a strain which isn’t overwhelming in scent to begin with, and can be lost easily in the drying and curing process (having smoked Chronic from several growers, I have never been very impressed with the scent as a strain) . Once crushed, the scent came through a bit better, though wasn’t anything really unique. Slightly sweet and a little spicy. Chronic may provide a good high, but if you’re looking for a taste to savour while smoking, this may not be your strain.

The exhale was definitely the highlight of the smoke, as a slightly skunky flavour lingered after the smoke, clearly from the Skunk#1 in the genetics.


The high started out fairly mellow, becoming progressively more cerebral. It continued to set in as a head high, followed a bit later with a more potent body high, resulting in a fair amount of relaxation in combination with a focused head high. The high was definitely well balanced and provided a bit of both worlds. No real side effects that we felt.


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