Cherry Wood

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This is an unknown Cherry Pie cross, the parent strain (Cherry Pie) crosses two legendary strains in the heavily medicinal Granddaddy Purple and the local legend Durban Poison. The combination of the heavy Indica and the upbeat Sativa creates an interesting hybrid that gives you the best of both worlds.


This bud was a beauty. Resinous trichomes were abundant and created a shield of white frost across the calyxes. Colouration was good and the nugs were dense. The moisture content was ideal, colouration on point and showed no signs of any stress during the flowering phase of the grow.

Taste & Aroma

The initial smell of the Cherry Wood combines sweet citrus scents with low musky and woody notes. The parent Cherry Pie is typically dominant in Myrcene, and it’s certainly noticeable in the aroma. There is also a sweet sharp element to the smell which can almost sting the nose. When lit, the low notes from the Myrcene definitely come through strongest with a collection of low earthy and woody notes. Only on the exhale do you get the sweet berry taste, as a short lived flavour that is more of an aftertaste than anything else. The smoke started off mostly smooth, though became harsher as the joint continued and by the time the roach hit, it was definitely harsh, as thick resin collected near the base.



This strain was grown great and hit like a truck, no doubt boasting high THC levels. The high starts off with an initial high similar to that of the Durban Poison parent, a euphoric and energized high that makes you feel productive and happy. While the initial high is great for socializing, by the end of the joint you’ll find yourself started to become more sedated as the effects begin to lean more towards the indica side, and leaves you feeling relaxed and sleepy. It’s a bit like an energy drink in the nature of the high.

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