Chem Toffees x Unknown

Supplied by: Travis Mocke

We recently reviewed the Chem Toffees x Unknown cross crumble that won the Amber Cup. With this extract, we were also given a sample of the bud used to create the extract. The strain is a cross between Chem Toffees and an unknown strain, with the sample we received being an F1 genetic. Chem Toffees is an Acapulco Gold and Ox cross which brings some really unique flavours. This parent strain is a primarily Indica strain and brings with it moderate to high THC values, while also packing impressive CBD percentages.


We were surprised to learn that this was outdoor grown, as the appearance rivaled a lot of the indoor we’ve reviewed, in some cases even surpassing a few. This was a winter grow, which resulted in purple colouration of the bud, something that for some is seen as a negative, while others prefer the aesthetic appeal that comes with the colouration (I fall into the latter group personally). The bud was well dried and came through with a vibrant saturation of greens and purples on the calyx. The trichome development was especially impressive for an outdoor grow, with the bud being covered in a frosty coating. There were several seeds, which while to be expected in an outdoor strain, does remove a couple points from the standardized review chart.


Aroma & Taste

This was possibly the sweetest smelling strain I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing. Candy-like scents are carried heavy, with elements of caramel and coffee, though not without also including a slight chemical smell too. When lit, the inhale brings with it some of the flavours that echo the scent, however on the hold and exhale is really when the flavours of the terpenes come through. Smoking on this strain felt like inhaling a dessert. The exhale felt a little harsh at times, nothing too rough but not 100% smooth either.



The high was a bit of a creeping high, the first few minutes went by with minimal effects, but within 5 minutes we began to feel the light headed introduction of the high, followed about 10 minutes later by an increase in heavy body sensation. The high seemed to be less of a couch-lock than with the extract, and we were able to continue functioning and socializing. There is definitely a relaxation of the body that comes with the high, and provided what felt like a balanced high.


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