Cheese Greenhouse


Cheese Greenhouse

Purchased through a private sale, this Cheese strain was bought as a greenhouse grown flower. Cheese is one of the more complicated strains when it comes to the phenotypes and origins of the plant. Originating from a Skunk#1lineage, there are a number of stories as to where Cheese originated. From stories of hippie clans to changes in the phenotypes through nearly a decade of cloning from a well known seed bank. There does seem to be a consensus on the fact that Cheese likely originated from excessive cloning of a Skunk#1 over a number of years. Cheese is also known by the names Exodus Cheese and UK Cheese.

With the large number of Cheese phenotypes that float around, it’s often a bit of a lucky packet as to what you’re going to end up getting, when you’re buying without knowing the seed bank.


The bud we bought was not as visually appealing to the naked eye as some of the indoor Cheese I have tried, however this was to be expected, being a cheaper greenhouse grow. There was a lack of trichomes compared to what one can usually expect from an indoor grow of this same strain. Of interest was that under macro, we were able to note dark purple leaves within the bud, this adds some character to the appearance, though this could likely be from a cold winter grow, rather than a phenotype variation, so the desirability is arguable.

The High

Historically, I’ve found that Cheese has made me a bit too relaxed, bordering on sleepy. However, with this particular flower, the experience was quite different. This could be due to variation in Cheese chemotypes too, similar to the phenotype variation. While phenotypes typically refer to the visual appearance of the plant, chemotype is more related to the effects they provide. This particular flower left us feeling extremely uplifted, with giggles and euphoria aplenty. And unlike some of my previous Cheese smokes, this one was particularly energizing. This despite the fact that the trichome colour suggested a fairly late harvest, this late harvest may have also assisted in the relaxing body high that came with the cerebral upliftment.

Taste & Aroma

While the scent of Cheese is usually unmistakable, and extremely strong in its pungent, earthy nature — this particular grow is lacking a lot of the pungent scent that we are used to. This is likely due more to the nature of the grow being less controlled, more so than a result of the genetics, though this of course is impossible to say with certainty.

The taste was more appealing than the scent on this one, providing a bit more of the classic pungent Cheese aroma than we were getting from the raw flower. Though again, fell short of what one can expect from a high quality indoor grown Cheese.

I’m sure almost everyone reading this already has a lot of experience with the Cheese strains, but for the few that may not have. Cheese is an unbelievably robust strain which will leave you with its unique scent for days after you smoke it. An almost addictive aroma.

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