Cheese is a strain we’ve reviewed a few times, but it’s always a welcome smoke for us, with its unique flavour profile and relaxing high. This Skunk#1 phenotype is one of few popular strains to come out of the UK to achieve an iconic status.


Trihomes galore! This Cheese bud came with a solid frosting of trichomes across the whole bud. Colouration was on point, with most of the colours being obscured behind the abundance of trichomes. Pistils were sparsely located around the bud with the typical dark, yet vibrant orange hairs giving it that classic Cheese appearance. It wasn’t the most dense, however remained a beautiful bud.

Taste & Aroma

The initial scent was good, but really popped when ground up which gave us an array of new sweet fruity notes that mixed into the classic Cheese pungence. On the inhale we were greeted with an extremely smooth and flavourful smoke that kicks off the experience with sharp and Cheese notes, which linger a while in the mouth before the exhale brings with it the more Skunky flavours. The ash burnt pure white, and the drying and curing seemed to be of high standard. The smoke could roll over the sinuses without any sense of irritation or burn.



This balanced hybrid brings with it an initial release behind the eyes before washing over you with complete body relaxation. We were left feeling the uplifting effects of the strain within the first few minutes, which then evolved into a combination of uplifted mood and full body relaxation. It serves as a great stress relief as well as extremely effective in pain relief. We found ourselves melting into the bed and feeling both blissful and relaxed.


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