BTL (Below The Lion) 4-piece Grinder


Acquired From: The High Co

When it comes to grinders in South Africa, it’s often hard to find a middle of the range option. Cheap Chinese grinders sell for about R70, but only last a couple months for the daily smoker, while on the other end of the spectrum you have brands like Santa Cruz, Spacer Case, Grav etc. These premium brands offer great quality, but the prices are often in the R1000 range for a 4-piece.

The BTL (Below The Lion) 4-piece grinder is a local option that finds the balance between quality and price quite well. Currently marked down to R295, this grinder comes in a variety of colours and is made from aircraft grade aluminum. The grinder is build with sharp blades, to ensure an efficient crush, while a steel kief filter ensures that your kief chamber is only catching the best and finest polen.

First Impressions

Our product arrived within 2 days of ordering and came with a protective pouch. On first inspection, I was very impressed by the kief catcher, as most cheaper grinders tend to have a hard time finding the right balance in screen filtration, either having the kief collect on the screen but never drop through, or letting through pieces of flower. This grinder definitely finds the sweet spot in this regard.

The flower itself is ground extremely well, and only rarely requires manual manipulation of the bud in the grinder to finish the job. Even if you’re smoking some sticky nugs. It also handles dry weed well, thanks to the sharp blades.

The magnet system on this grinder is also pleasantly strong, and we haven’t had any issues where the grinder has come open in travel.

The grinder we purchased has been put under a fair bit of stress, with daily use about 5 times a day. After a couple months of use, there are only minor dents in the rim and have only had one case of the grinder getting stuck due to build up. We seem to be able to get through a few grind sessions before having to clean the rim build up to prevent more lockups, though this seems to plague users of all grinders, even the more expensive options.

While you may not get the quality you would have from some of the branded titanium grinders on the market, given the price point it would be like comparing apples and oranges. If you’re looking for a grinder that’s not going to break the bank while offering quality crushing, this is definitely one worth trying out.

BTL Grinder (4-Piece)




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