Brownies (Nancy Botwin Edibles)

A while back we were given several edibles for review by Nancy Botwin Gourmet Edibles. The package included some gummies, home made TV Bars and brownies.

The edible was created using a brownie mix which included egg. It is then topped off with decadent Belgian chocolate. When we received the items they explained to us that they were still busy with their packaging, so what we got wasn’t the final product in terms of packaging.

The brownie itself was well prepared and cooked though, it was moist and rich, yet not overwhelming and we found that the coconut infusion taste worked more with the flavour than against it. There was a distinct infusion taste, but nothing that took away from the experience. The only downside was really the appearance not being anything fancy and the chocolate not having a purely uniform colouration.

In terms of dosage, the claim was that it’s between around 25 and 40mg. The infusion was made using greenhouse bud and the high felt very much on the indica side of things. The edible was definitely primarily a body high and saw the relief of chronic pain brought on. The latter part of the high was good for insomnia as it brought with it sedation and sleepiness, definitely quite couch lock later into the high.

Overall, we did enjoy the brownie which was particularly good in taste, though may have lacked a few small details that can be improved on, such as chocolate colouration and final product packaging.

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