bloomspect 300w dual-spec LED

Bloomspect 300W LED

bloomspect 300w dual-spec LED

The Bloomspect 300W LED grow light is an affordable LED grow light, aimed at new growers who are really stuck with a small budget, but wanting to start growing. You can pick these up for only $60 on Amazon, and less than R1800 with customs and shipping to South Africa. This light is also great for small closet/stealth grows where heat is an issue. The draw of the light is only 135W from the wall, meaning it’s not going to be causing any spikes in your electric bill.

The lower power draw, however, also means that you’re not going to be getting the same power that builds the thick, dense nugs you’re used to seeing from HID grow lights. And I feel these lights are almost exclusively for newer growers, or for supplemental lighting on larger grows.

It is important to note that while most LED grow lights are full spectrum, this light is only a dual spectrum light, meaning that it runs both red and blue, but doesn’t touch the IR or UV spectrum. IR and UV aren’t required to grow, but are definitely beneficial in the growth process. And you may well be better off spending a few dollars more on an entry level full spectrum. As far as spectrum bias, this light puts out a rather large amount of blue light, making it better for veg than for flower, but will easily carry your plant through to harvest.

We grew several small plants from veg to flower under this light, and the outcome was similar to what one could expect. Just over 20 grams dry, with the low weight being a result of rather airy buds. The trichome development was still surprisingly good on the plants and the smoke was certainly not a bad one, but definitely more airy than one would see under HID and left something to be desired.

Budget LEDs aren’t for everyone, but they certainly have a place in the market both as an additional supplement to your grow tent, or for newer growers looking to learn at an affordable price.

Bloomspect 300W LED


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