Blaze pictured back right, Voodoo in the foreground

Acquired from: Private Sale

A somewhat exotic strain that can be a little tough to find, Blaze is an amazingly fruity 100% sativa strain that boasts significant THC levels. The history of this strain extends as far back as the 70’s, and remains one of the stronger pure sativa strains to this day. With THC levels in excess of 20%, you may think that the high is where this strain shines the most, but to be honest, the fruity aromas of this strain make it hard to beat in terms of the senses. The lineage of this strain is Blueberry x Haze, bringing with it some highly enjoyable genetics from the parent plants. This strain was created by British Columbia Seed Company, which is now reportedly the longest running seed bank in North America.


Blaze buds look fairly standard for high quality bud with no real unique phenotypes, moderate to high trichome development with bright green tones along with some bold, bright orange pistils. Looking at the image above, you can compare the Blaze (back right) with the Voodoo strain in front. The Blaze offers slightly more saturated greens and brighter pistils.

Aroma & Taste

This is where Blaze reigns! Even before removing from the packaging, you can smell the sweet berry scent escaping. It’s an alluring fragrance reminiscent of fresh fruits, and certainly one of the best smelling strains I’ve tried. The first dry pull gives flavours of berries and spices with additional earthy tones, though still remains sweet and berry-like for the most part. Once lit, the taste retains some of the berry taste, though tends to move towards an earthy flavour with additional remnants of spices.

The High

Being a pure sativa strain, you can expect your typical productive head high. The high can reach intensities where it comes across with some psychedelic properties I found. While I retained my energy, I found myself preferring closing my eyes and enjoying music more so than I did being productive. There is certainly a strong euphoric feel on this strain and while I didn’t have any problems with a headache, there are reports of users experiencing headaches as a negative side effect of this strain. It should be noted that anxiety and paranoia are also reported, however I didn’t struggle with that at all, despite having an anxiety disorder myself.

If you’re looking for the strongest weed you can find, or the best looking — this probably isn’t what you’re looking for. However, if you’re looking to smoke something that smells and tastes great, and offers you a classic Haze-like high — I would definitely recommend picking up some Blaze.

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