Black Leaf Microperc

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Times are changing rapidly these days with a massive influx into the world of extraction and concentrates, and who can complain. With the increase in popularity of concentrates, has come an entirely new market for glass blowers. Concentrate prices have been dropping as more individuals gain an interest in extraction methods and producing concentrates from their bud. And if you’ve never dabbed before, you’re certainly missing out, and with the prices of some of the rigs these days there’s no reason why you can’t get dabbing too.

The Black Leaf Miniperc is an affordable, and yet extremely well crafted mini dab rig that brings the pleasure of concentrates into your home for a great price. The small size of the rig makes it excellent for taking to friends or out to your favourite camp site, while also being able to serve as your primary concentrate rig.¬† This is no cheap Chinese glass, and online reviews show that it’s extremely well received around the world.¬† If you’re looking for a small rig that offers a high quality smoke, the Black Leaf Miniperc is a great option — especially given its price tag of just R395.

Appearance & Build Quality

Made from borosilicate glass, the Black Leaf Miniperc is sturdy rig that looks really good sitting on your shelf of glasswear. The golden Black Leaf logo adds some flair to the glass, in combination with some additional accents of colour to the base, perc and mouthpiece (available in 7 different colours). An extended base also means that the rig remains stable and well balanced. This rig is comprised of a 10mm male joint and comes with a female 10mm glass nail. While this nail works just fine, we decided to remove it and add a titanium nail to the rig out of personal preference.

This rig is certainly a bubbler and you can expect the chamber to fill up nicely on the pull, which comes through a build in showerhead defuser style percolator.

For its price point, this rig offers both good appearance and above price-point build quality.

The Smoke

Through my use of the Miniperc, I have found no issues with the hits of this rig. The pull is effortless and despite containing such a small chamber, you can still hit a pretty large dab without a problem. It’s important to remember that this is not a large rig, however it should be more than enough for most recreational and medicinal users. After all, dabbing is not the same as flower, and smaller dab rigs tend to be more efficient in the way they smoke than larger rigs (with some exceptions of course).

Final Thoughts

The Black Leaf Miniperc is a great little dab rig, offering a quality build, stylish appearance and affordable price with a good quality smoke. That’s not to say however, that it is a perfect rig. The 10mm joint may prove a little tough to find nails for, and the included glass nail is a bit small to hit any large dabs from. I’d recommend replacing the glass nail with either a quartz banger or a titanium nail, but this is mostly personal preference.

Black Leaf Microperc




Build Quality




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