Alien Dawg

Supplied by: 420Monkeys
Indica / Sativa: Indica dominant

Alien Dawg is an indica dominant strain which crosses the popular Chemdawg with the much lesser known Alien Technology. Alien Technology is an Afghani land race genetic with little published information. Alien Dawg is supposed to come with a sour pungent smell, however our sample didn’t give us that.

While most of our experience with 420monkeys has been positive, this bud sample definitely fell short of expectations and in fact fell behind the outdoor Skunk we purchased from them, which was amazing. We reached out to the company, who offered apologies for the quality and gave us some insight into their new quality control methods that are going to be put into place to prevent such bud from making it to the client. So we’re looking forward to seeing if the change in quality control avoid bud like this going out in future.


Visually, this Alien Dawg fell short of some of the other greenhouse we received and came in a few smaller buds. Trichome development seemed inline with general budget outdoor. Colouration was mostly dull. Bud wasn’t very dense, but seemed sufficiently dried.

Taste & Aroma

In the container, there was a clear lack of aroma and even after being crushed it still gave off a mostly grass-like scent, far removed from the expected pungent sourness one can usually expect from this strain. The smoke was even worse, a sharp burn to the tongue kept us from enjoying the smoke. It felt much like one gets from a synthetic nute grow which wasn’t flushed. We also struggled to keep it lit, with the ash burning pure black. What little taste we got, was primarily like that of an earthy sage.


The high was inline with the general quality of the bud, it felt like the harvest may have been slightly early and the high was also accompanied by a slight headache. The potency felt moderate at best, and fell short of the other greenhouse strains we had tried.

There was a clear quality gap between this greenhouse bud and the Sour Jack greenhouse also supplied by the company. We look forward to the new quality control steps put into place and hope that it will ensure a more standard line of quality in products within the same category.


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