Alice in Wonderland

Supplied by: 420Monkeys
Sativa / Indica: Sativa

Alice in Wonderland is a lesser known Sativa strain, descending from Willy’s Wonder. It is known for its strong and all inclusive highs, boasting solid THC percentages often exceeding 20%. While the strain is Sativa dominant, it carries with it relaxing effects more typically found in Indica strains.


The bud we received was definitely unusual looking! The trim job was unorthodox and retained much of the sugar leaves, even more so than the typical dry trim does. While it wasn’t what we were used to, it held appeal as the stiff trichome coated leaves seemed very well dried and the additional trichomes essentially mean more THC for our lungs. Some may be put off slightly by the non-traditional look, however, when grading with our list of criteria, it certainly did well. Colouration was very impressive boasting strong hues of green and vibrant pistils. Note: The flattened appearance is due to the bud being so large that it was compressed in the container.


Taste & Aroma

God damn! This strain was knocking us back even in the container as heavy sweet fruity scents exude from the bud. The profile of the scents were extremely unique, mixing sweet almost toffee-like scents with that of blueberries. The bud only became louder after crushing, and dry pulls on the joint gave us our initial tastes of this beautiful strain. Similar to the smell, tastes were out of this world, extremely sweet and fruity. This strain is a must-try for the connoisseurs. The smoke was also extremely good! With the additional leaf matter on the bud, we thought we may have a harsh smoke, but this bud gave us a completely smooth smoke and perfect burn.


The initial onset of the high was fairly focused and creative, though things quickly changed as we got further through the joint. This strain is aptly named, as it can certainly throw you down the rabbit hole. Following the initial effects, the strain became incredibly cerebral and psychedelic, getting lost in nostalgic and philosophical thought. I usually keep notes through the high to allow for a better review, however this strain had me so gone that I noticed I didn’t even manage to write the notes. The high provided a surprising amount of relaxation after about the 20 minute mark, and lasted a lengthy period.

Overall, this strain is one we can highly recommend and one that we won’t soon forget. Definitely a top 5 personal favourite.

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