99 Cookies

Supplied by: Trichoma

99 Cookies is a cross between Forum Cut Cookies and Cinderella 99, with some OG Kush and Chem genetics also included. Not much information was available on this strain, especially the initial breeder and the stability of the genetic. Online reviews seem to indicate a large variety of phenotypes within this strain, from citrus and pine flavours to gassy or even chocolate flavours.



Another absolutely stunning bud this. Rich green tones were wrapped in a coating of thick white trichomes, with plenty bright orange pistils creeping across the frosted coating of the nug. This was another dense bud which was perfectly dried, grinding up easily, despite the moist sticky nature.

Taste & Aroma

On the nose, this strain came through with heavy pine scents that seemed to almost open the sinuses. The scent was a little more complex, but definitely had sweet elements in addition to the pine. The dry pull was very much sweet pine orientated, while the taste started with an initial sweet pine taste, before leaving a very appealing earthy and almost skunk-like pungence in the aftertaste – the kind of taste one has grown to know as the ‘kush taste’. Overall, the fragrance and taste, while still pleasant, fell behind the other Trichoma stock we were provided mostly in its lack of uniqueness.




99 Cookies boasts impressive THC percentages and can provide a quality high. The effects felt very much like that associated with indica dominant strains, with a calm and relaxing euphoria that washes over the body. I found that within 30 minutes of starting the joint, my eyes were feeling quite heavy and I feeling a little sedated. In terms of strength, it wasn’t able to top the Blue Moon Rocks we recently reviewed, but could serve as a good option for someone looking for less of a psychedelic effect and more of a general classic body high.


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