707 Headband

Supplied by: 420Monkeys
Indica/Sativa: Indica Dominant Hybrid

707 Headband is a strain originating from California’s cannabis hotspot, Humboldt County. In fact the 707 in the name is a direct reference to the area code. She is a cross between Master Kush, OG Kush and Sour Diesel. It’s a high THC strain and often tests in the mid-20s.


The trimming on the bud didn’t bother us at all, and the preservation of trichomes on sugar leaves isn’t a bad thing. While some may prefer more tightly trimmed nugs. Trichome presentation was very good, but general colouration was just a touch on the duller side. The harvest was made late, with majority amber trichomes, we enjoyed the late body high, however it does slightly contradict the natural energetic aspects of the strain.


Taste & Aroma

The smell from this strain is sharp and sweet, with hints of gassy elements too. She smelled pretty good out the container, but grinding brought out the sharper notes more.

A very smooth smoke, able to pass through nose with ease. The taste was quite unique, giving off an almost like soap or shampoo (pleasant) like taste.


Despite the Indica dominance, the high is surprisingly energetic and focused, with the Sour Diesel genetics evidently featuring heavy in the high. It came on slowly, but the high initially provided us with an energy boost and a desire to be active. When eyes are closed this strain can feel a little psychedelic. This state lasted through most of the high and proved excellent in getting stuff done, perfect for those looking to remain productive. After about an hour, we began to experience more relaxed body effects.


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