50mg Brownie

Supplied by: Travis Mocke

Within our recent delivery from Travis, we found two large packaged brownies which were packaged neatly and tied up with bows. Each brownie was made using high THC concentrates, with a total of 50mg of THC per brownie. While some may enjoy knocking back a 50mg edible on their own, we paced our experience and shared each brownie between the two of us, leaving us each with approximately 25mg of THC in our systems.

Packaging & Appearance

The packaging provided an authentic feeling of homemade baked goods, with the untying of a bow making it feel a little bit like a celebration. There was no branding on the package to critique, with a standard plastic bag holding the brownies in. The bag was closed with a staple and then tied with the bow. On one of the brownies, when opening the packet the staple fell out the packet and onto the brownie, which we only discovered as we were taking a bite. This however can easily be resolved by replacing the staple with a small elastic band.

Once opened, the brownies themselves looked delicious. They were extremely large, and easily enough for two people to share. The high dosage of THC means they can easily be split with a friend or partner and still provide you both with a solid high for an affordable cost. The brownies sell for R75 each, making a 25mg slice less than R40.


I’m fairly picky when it comes to chocolate, I love a strong chocolate taste, however struggle with excessively rich desserts. This brownie fell midway between the two, giving me what I look for in a dessert. On the initial bite, the outer top of the brownie was slightly dry and crispy, but not really in a negative way. It didn’t feel like it was old in any way and could well be by design (or the fact that it was shipped across the country). The inside of the brownie was far softer, but when bitten into we did find ourselves creating a fair amount of crumbs in the process. In terms of flavour, this brownie did a great job and with regards to after taste, there was a very mild and enjoyable cannabis taste at the very end. This wasn’t at all off putting or overwhelming.


With these brownies being made from extracts, you know you’re going to be in for a ride. We found our brownies kicked in after about 45 minutes, and lasted a very pleasant 7-8 hours. As mentioned, we both dosed 25mg and felt that was a great platform to build on throughout the day. The high was strong enough to keep us from feeling the need for anything else on top, however, we did venture a few dabs and joints on top (when we were feeling like really being knocked back). Travis is one of the few people in the country who has potency lab testing, which also ensured the correct dosing of edibles (something that is tricky to do without tests). The high felt very smooth, no real increase in anxiety or paranoia, however we did find ourselves with some serious munchies, so you may want some snacks on hand too. Though with that said, functioning felt easy at 25mg, and the high felt like a fairly productive one for much of the time. In the latter period of the high, the come down arrived with heavy yawns, and we found ourselves in bed by 21:00.


50mg Brownie

R75 a brownie







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